Service and Price List

Antenatal Lactation Consultation

  • 90 mins – $150 (New Client)

This can be a wonderful opportunity for you and your partner to prepare for what to expect in the first few days and weeks after the birth of your baby. In order to ensure my lactation and feeding support and advice is specific to your situation, we will discuss your medical history, conduct a breast examination (if applicable and you are comfortable with this) and your lactation and feeding goals.  I will provide up-to-date education and information around building yours and your baby’s instincts, positions that may help good attachment to the breast, how to know they are feeding well, common concerns and the solutions and the transition from hospital to home.

Also, this can be very beneficial for 2nd, 3rd, 4th time (etc) parents, to ‘de-brief’ from your previous lactation and feeding experiences, discuss possible causes of any difficulties you encountered and allow an opportunity to make some plans for you lactation and successful feeding experience your new baby.

Antenatal expressing

  • 90 mins – $150 (New Client)
  • 60 mins – $100 (Follow up Antenatal apt)

I can provide education and support with the expressing and storing of your colostrum before you give birth which may decrease the risk of your baby needing top ups especially in particular situations such as: diabetes in pregnancy, premature birth, baby’s congenital condition, cleft lip and/or palate identified during pregnancy, diagnosed with intrauterine growth restriction in pregnancy, previous low milk supply, breast hypoplasia, polycystic ovaries, previous breast surgery, multiple sclerosis. *please note this is only recommended after 36 weeks gestation and is NOT suitable if you have, or having, threatened or actual premature labour, cervical incompetence or have had a cervical suture to prevent preterm labour.

Postnatal Lactation Consultation

  • 90 mins – $150 (New Client)
  • 60 mins – $100 (Follow up apt)

Whether your baby is a few days old, a few months old or over a year old, I can provide support with any lactation and feeding concerns you may be experiencing, whether you are fully breastfeeding, expressing breast milk or bottle feeding or a combination.

Our consultation will include a taking a full medical history, birth and feeding history, baby’s oral and suck assessment, in-depth feeding assessment, my impression of the situation with possible causes and solutions (based on up-to-date evidence and information).  We can then, together, make a comprehensive but easy-to-follow plan including referrals to other health professionals that may be of benefit (report may be sent if required).

  • Venue:  In the comfort of your own home (Redlands/Bayside, Brisbane) or Online (Skype/Facetime/Facebook Messenger) consultation.
  • Appointments:  New Client – 90mins – $150.  Follow up apt – 60mins – $100.
  • Payment:  I will provide you an invoice at the end of our consultation along with a detailed feeding plan. Once the your payment has been received, I will email you a detailed receipt that you may forward to your private health company to claim for Lactation Services (*please note that this will depend on your private health company and the level of extras cover that you have as not all private health companies will offer rebates for a Lactation Consultant consultation.)


Kind regards,

Sam 🙂 🌸