Image of Sam Foster, lactation and feeding speialist for Bubs and Milk

Welcome to Bubs&Milk.

Let me introduce myself…….

My name is Sam Foster and I am a Lactation Consultant (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), Clinical Midwife and Parent Educator. I completed my Midwifery training in the UK and have enjoyed over 14 years experience looking after women throughout their pregnancy, birth and postnatal period, including supporting them with their lactation and feeding journies. My husband and I emigrated to Australia in 2011 and the following year, I was delighted to qualify as a Lactation Consultant. We now live in Bargara, near Bundaberg in Queensland, with our 2 Golden Retrievers, Apollo and Athena.

I have been lucky enough to support mums and babies with their lactation and feeding needs in a variety of settings and situations such as; maternity hospitals (antenatal, birth suite, theatre, postnatal), homebirths, waterbirths, breastfeeding cafes, teenage mums groups, parent education classes, low and high risk pregnancies, twins, clients’ homes, community clinics, pre- and post- tongue and lip tie releases, breastfeeding drop-in clinics and outpatient lactation consultant clinics.

As well as working in private practice, I also work at the local hospital as a Midwife. I always endeavour to ensure that my practice is evidence based and attend relevant educational seminars and courses as well as conferences as regularly as possible.  I have recently attended seminars and courses around the area of tongue and upper lip ties and Orofacial Myology so I can further understand and therefore support babies with poor sucking function.

Best wishes,


Phone: 0406130225

Email: bubsandmilk@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BubsandMilk

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi there,

    I was just wondering what the price is for an assessment on my 7 week old for tongue and lip ties. I am pretty certain she has one or both as we have quite a few of the ‘symptoms’, though she has great weight gain.

    I live in Alex Hills.

    Thank you,


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    1. Hi Rebecca,

      I have emailed you with the details and so if you’d like to send me your phone number then I will give you a call to have a chat.

      Kind regards



      1. May I please have an email with the same details as above? Baby I 7 weeks today and I’m wanting to check for ties.


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