Reblogged…. “On Breaking Points”

I'm just catching babies and cooking dinner

Midwives are in the news again.  We can’t tell our stories as individuals, because we risk breaching professional boundaries and client confidentiality.  Our hands are tied, from telling our stories as midwives.  But. I am more than a midwife.  I am a woman, and I can tell that story.

One day at work, I saw a woman being assaulted.  She was trying to birth her baby, and somebody came into the room, told her to be quiet and then put their fingers into her vagina, and shouted at her.  As a woman, a mother, a rape survivor and a human being in that room, I was traumatized. And it wasn’t even my vagina.

Another day, at work, I saw a colleague sit on the floor and cry.  She was exhausted, on her third birth of the day, scared of making a mistake but with nobody to hand over care to…

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