Bubs and Milk, lactation and feeding consultant Brisbane

My aim of Bubs&Milk is to empower you to achieve your own lactation and feeding goals and to support you and your family in the comfort of your home (Bundaberg), at my home office (Bargara) or via skype/facetime/facebook messenger/telephone consultation. I can provide a full assessment by taking a comprehensive medical and birth history, breast examination, oral and suck assessment (and this can be done with direction from myself over the internet or phone) as well as a feeding assessment. This will provide us with the information to be able to determine the current issues, their possible causes and then discuss appropriate solutions, including relevant education. We will make a detailed, but easy-to-follow, plan together including referrals to other health professionals, if required and email follow up with relevant websites and research articles. 

It is important that our plan is aimed at supporting you to achieve your own lactation and feeding goals as they are individual to you and your family.  I am here to help you with any lactation and feeding difficulties that you having, whether you are fully breastfeeding, expressing breastmilk, syringe or cup feeding, using a supply line (SNS), paced bottle feeding or a combination. I am very much a ‘with woman’ Lactation Consultant, I have no judgement on your feeding preferences, I am here to support you, your baby and your family to achieve your feeding goals. I will provide you with the information and evidence so that you will feel empowered to achieve your own feeding goals.

As a Midwife and IBCLC, I have gained much experience with home births, hospital births, relactation, same sex relationships, multiple births, babies in the NICU or SCN, adoptive babies, tandem feeding, mums returning to work, attachment parenting and also formula feeding. I hope that I can provide some support for you and your family whatever your feeding goals might be 🌸

If you feel that you would like more information or you would like to book a consultation, then I would love to hear from you. You are more than welcome to call, text or email, whichever is more convenient.

I am available during the following hours : Mon- Fri 8am – 6pm & Sat/Sun 10am – 4pm. 

Sam, Bubs&Milk


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